SUMMER CAMPS are running from the week of May 28th through the week of July 29th 2024

Minecraft Civil Engineers

Categories: Apprentice, Minecraft
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About Course

Civil engineers research, plan, and and build many of the structures we interact with everyday. It’s their job to decide how things like bridges, roads, tunnels, and water systems should be laid out to make our cities and towns convenient and sustainable places to live. In this Minecraft Civil Engineers camp, we’ll use the power of Minecraft Education to collaborate and build various infrastructure projects using different architectural styles.

Ultimately, the campers will put their engineering skills to use by collaborating on the construction of an entire city in Minecraft.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Minecraft game mechanics and skills
  • How civil engineers plan and collaborate on the structures they build
  • The characteristics of various architectural styles
  • How to build increasingly complex builds - from a simple house to a full city

Course Content

This section is designed to get instructors up to speed on the credentials they'll need for the camp, lesson plans and camp objectives, and tips to make running the camp easier. Lesson 5 of this section introduces instructors to the two applications used in this camp: Minecraft Education and Classroom Mode for Minecraft. This video outlines how to sign in and synch these two applications, and how to manage the students in a multiplayer world.

  • Lesson 01: Camp Overview and Schedule
  • Lesson 02: Instructor Credentials
  • Lesson 03: Instructor Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Lesson 04: Instructor Course Tips
  • Lesson 05: Instructor Log In and Connecting Classroom Mode

In this section, students will learn the ground rules of Minecraft camp. They'll receive Minecraft credentials, log in, and begin a series of student tutorials on game mechanics and simple civil engineering tasks.

In this section, students will work as teams to research various architectural styles - and create Minecraft buildings in an architectural style of their choosing. Students will learn to host multiplayer Minecraft worlds and will learn "cheats" or commands to facilitate their collaboration.

In this section, each lesson contains a Minecraft world with an architectural or civil engineering theme. Students don't need to complete all of the lessons. They can pick the ones that interest them the most and practice building for the upcoming final project - a full Minecraft city!

In this section and the next, the campers will work together to plan and build a sprawling Minecraft city. They'll draw upon their newfound knowledge of architectural styles and civil engineering to design a city that's both livable and sustainable.

In this section, students will continue with their multiplayer city. For those interested, the wrap up lesson shows students how to export their Minecraft worlds.

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