SUMMER CAMPS are running from the week of May 28th through the week of July 29th 2024

Strawbees Robotics

Categories: Apprentice, Strawbees
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About Course

In this updated version of our popular Strawbees camp, creations come alive with the power of robotics!

Strawbees is an intuitive and fun build system allowing students to construct all manner of structures using simple drinking straws. In this updated version of the camp, Strawbees builds come alive by adding the micro:bit – a tiny programmable computer which can respond to motion, temperature, light, or touch.

The small micro:bit is perfect for teaching programming principles in the “real world” – not just on a computer screen. Can campers build a greenhouse which changes based upon exposure to light and temperature, or a skyscraper with a weather beacon, or a seismograph to measure earthquake activity?  These challenges and more combine the hands-on building kids love with valuable technological and problem-solving skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to use the straws and connectors of the Strawbees build system.
  • How to add a programming component to Strawbees builds using the micro:bit mini-computer, Strawbees board, and servo motor.
  • How to use Microsoft's Makecode to generate code for the micro:bit computer.
  • How robots use sensors to generate inputs and gain information about their environment.
  • How robots can be programmed to use inputs to produce various outputs in the form of sound, movement, or light.

Course Content

This section is designed to get instructors up to speed on the lesson plans, camp objectives, and tips to make running the camp easier. Lesson 4 of this section goes over the inventory instructors can expect in the Strawbees Robotics camp materials.

  • Lesson 01: Camp Overview and Schedule
  • Lesson 02: Instructor Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Lesson 03: Instructor Course Tips
  • Lesson 04: Inventory

In this section, instructors and students will get to know the Strawbees build system and will be introduced to Strawbees Robotics via the micro:bit mini computer.

In this section, students will build and program a robotic crane.

In this section, students will learn about geodesic domes. They'll build a dome with Strawbees and use the micro:bit's servo motor and compass to add programming to the dome.

In this section students will build a Strawbees flower lantern and use the micro:bit and Strawbees board's LED lights to illuminate it.

In this section, students will build a printer with Strawbees. They'll turn the printer into a seismograph using the micro:bit's accelerometer.

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